Use this form to schedule a checkup, follow-up exam, immunizations, or any non-emergency visit. We will try our best to schedule your appointment at the date and time you provide. We will notify you of your appointment via e-mail. New patients will receive a request confimation e-mail. See details below for new patients. You should receive an appointment e-mail within 24-36 hours. If not, please give us a call.

New Patients
Please check the New Patient box to receive New Patient forms attached to your request confirmation e-mail. We will e-mail you of your actual appointment date and time. If possible, fill in the Word document and return it to us as an attachment. This will allow you to better attend your pet while waiting for an appointment. If you forget to e-mail or bring the form with you, please allow 15 minutes prior to your check-in to fill out the form.

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