• Dog Vaccination Guidelines: Required Dog Vaccinations, Recommended Schedule, and Costs
    Dog Vaccination Guidelines: Required Dog Vaccinations, Recommended Schedule, and Costs One of the most crucial aspects of responsible pet care is understanding the significance of dog vaccinations. Not only do vaccinations Read more
  • Tips on Heartworm Prevention & Medication for Dogs
    Tips on Heartworm Prevention & Medication for Dogs Part of your job as a pet owner is making sure your pet has its vaccinations and preventative medication. At Friendly Animal Hospital Read more
  • Why You Should Call Your Vet Prior To Arriving
    We understand your pet is a family member at Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA. We are happy to help you ensure the best possible care for your pet Read more
  • How to Treat Fleas at Home for Cats
    Fleas are small, but they can wreak havoc on your feline friend. Fleas are annoying, jumpy, and multiply fast, meaning if you don't act promptly, you will soon be facing Read more
  • Keeping Toxic Food Away From Cats
    Like any pet, cats are curious about what their humans eat, and in many cases, they will do what they can to steal that food. This may look hilarious, but Read more
  • Toxic Food for Dogs
    Food that is healthy for humans can be dangerous for dogs. The veterinary professionals at Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach have compiled the following list of food items that Read more
  • How to Treat Fleas at Home for Dogs
    Fleas can cause a wide range of health issues for your pet, making it essential to protect your animal against them. Since fleas can be a threat to your dog, Read more
  • How to Get Affordable Veterinarian Care
    Affordable vet care may seem like a contradiction in terms, but you can afford to pay for your pet's veterinary care if you follow these tips from us here at Read more
  • Puppy and Kitten Care FAQs
    There are few things in life as exciting as bringing home a new puppy or kitten. You get to discover the world all over again through their eyes. Our veterinarians Read more
  • Orthopedics for Pets
    Orthopedics in pets is similar to orthopedics in people. It’s a branch of medicine that focuses on the skeleton, tendons, ligaments, muscles, or anything else involved with movement. When pets Read more
  • Is Your Home Ready for a New Pet?
    Bringing a pet home for the first time is an exciting but equally daunting task for you and your pet. What food will she eat? Will she like me? What Read more
  • Holiday Safety Tips for Pets
    Did you know that the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center receives the most calls around the holidays? The winter holidays are a particularly dangerous time for pets. Keep your pets Read more
  • Maintaining Your Pet's Dental Health
    Doggy breath and cat breath may seem like something you have to deal with to have a pet, but that’s not necessarily true. You can combat bad breath by following Read more
  • Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations
    Several vaccines are considered core vaccines that are required for all pets. Core vaccines for dogs differ from core vaccines for cats. Some of them are required by law, others Read more
  • 5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist
    Skin problems and irritations are common conditions in pets and can be caused by several factors. At Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA, our team diagnoses and treats skin Read more
  • Protecting Your Dog or Cat From Heartworm Disease
    Heartworm disease is a grave threat, especially for dogs. That said, heartworm disease can also affect cats. In some rare cases, even humans can contract heartworms. Fortunately, you can protect Read more

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