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FAQs about Dog Dental Care

When tending to your dog's healthcare needs, don’t forget his oral health. Preventative pet dental care from Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach can keep your pet’s teeth and gums in the best of health. We offer comprehensive, affordable dental services that can preserve and protect your pet's oral health. The following FAQs can help you learn more about dog dental care.

Why Is My Pet's Dental Care So Important?

Regular pet dental care enables your vet to monitor your pet’s oral health. Dental issues like broken or chipped teeth, periodontal disease, abscesses, or plaque buildup will show up during a dental exam, giving your vet a chance to correct these problems right away. Early treatment can preserve your dog's teeth and facilitate his recovery.   

What Dental Problems Pose a Risk to My Canine? 

Periodontal disease is a major issue in both dogs and cats. Many pets show signs of periodontal disease by the age of three years. Left untreated, this infection can spread throughout your dog's mouth, weakening teeth and gums. Over time, your pet could suffer tooth loss. If the disease enters your pet’s bloodstream, he could suffer liver, heart, and kidney problems.

Other dental issues that can plague your dog are broken teeth, tooth abscesses, plaque buildup, and bad breath.

How Common Are Dental Problems in Pets?

Periodontal disease affects approximately 70% of dogs and cats in the U.S. Through early detection and treatment, your pet can avoid pain, tooth loss, blood infections, and kidney, liver, and heart damage from this condition.

How Do I Know if My Pet Needs Dental Care?

If your dog has bad breath, chipped or discolored teeth, loose teeth, or inflammation around his jaw, have him checked by your Huntington Beach veterinarian. Other signs of dental problems include loss of appetite, difficulty chewing or swallowing and red, swollen gums. Dogs that show any sign of pain or discomfort when eating should be seen by a vet.

Schedule a Dental Exam

To schedule a dental exam at Friendly Animal Hospital, contact your Huntington Beach veterinarian at 714-845-5722 today.

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