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Orthopedics FAQ

Is your pet showing signs of limping or having difficulty walking or sitting? He may be experiencing an orthopedic issue. These FAQs compiled by Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach explain more about pet orthopedic problems and orthopedic surgery.

What is orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgeries are procedures used to treat musculoskeletal issues that may develop with your pet. Orthopedic injuries include joint problems, ligament tears, bone fractures, and other degenerative issues. Surgery may be the best option to restore range of motion and mobility.

What are some signs my pet has an orthopedic issue?

Your pet may start limping due to problems with his bones, hips, or joints. He may have trouble walking, running, jumping, or climbing stairs. Leg stiffness, clicking noises from your pet’s knee joints, and decreased movement due to pain are also symptoms of orthopedic issues.

What kinds of orthopedic problems do vets screen for?

Our Huntington Beach vet screens for common conditions like:

  • Knee pain
  • Dislocations or joint injuries
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Ligament injury
  • Hip dysplasia or other degenerative joint conditions

How do I know if my kit or pooch needs surgery?

After reviewing your pet’s medical history, we’ll evaluate his condition to determine the cause of his pain and loss of mobility. This enables us to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend options for treatment. Depending on the outcome of our evaluation and the severity of your pet’s condition, we may recommend orthopedic pet surgery.

How do vets help with post-surgical care?

We’ll monitor your pet closely after surgery to ensure no complications arise from the anesthesia. Once you’re ready to take your pet home, we’ll provide you with instructions for post-surgical care along with medications for pain relief. As your pet heals, we’ll recommend physical rehab exercises to strengthen his bones and joints and restore flexibility and mobility.

Trust Our Huntington Beach Vet for Your Pet’s Orthopedic Surgery

To schedule a consultation for orthopedic pet surgery with your Huntington Beach vet, contact Friendly Animal Hospital at 714- 845-5722.

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