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Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations

Several vaccines are considered core vaccines that are required for all pets. Core vaccines for dogs differ from core vaccines for cats. Some of them are required by law, others are considered the standard vaccines for protecting the health of pets. Most kennels and groomers require the pets to have had all of their core vaccines to not introduce illness into the facility. Non-core vaccines are also available depending on your pet’s environment and lifestyle. At Friendly Animal Hospital, we have been providing Huntington Beach residents with reliable pet vaccination services for many years.

Core Vaccines for Dogs

For dogs, rabies vaccinations are required everywhere in the US. Rabies vaccines are available in one-year and three-year varieties. The distemper shot is a core vaccine that is needed to protect dogs from an airborne virus that can cause brain damage. Parvovirus vaccines are used to keep dogs protected from this serious disease that is highly contagious and often fatal. The adenovirus type 1 vaccine protects dogs against both types of canine hepatitis. The adenovirus type 2 vaccine protects dogs against kennel cough, also known as CAV-2.

Core Vaccines for Cats

Cats also need several core vaccines. Feline distemper is one of the core vaccines for felines, and it protects cats and kittens against a virus that attacks the white blood cells of cats and can be fatal. Feline viral rhinotracheitis protects cats from the FVR virus that gives cats herpes virus type 1. The vaccine for feline caliciviral disease protects felines against different strains of feline caliciviruses. There is also a rabies virus for cats, protecting felines against the deadly virus.

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