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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Did you know that the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center receives the most calls around the holidays? The winter holidays are a particularly dangerous time for pets. Keep your pets safe with these tips from Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA.

Never Feed Chocolate

Contrary to popular belief, pets do not instinctively eat only things that are good for them. Dogs in particular will gobble down chocolate by the boxful. Unfortunately, chocolate is poisonous. The darker the chocolate, the deadlier it is. The most common reason that dogs get a hold of chocolate is that it was located inside of a present on the floor under the tree. Keep all presents off of the floor, out of reach of any pet.

Keep Plants Out of Reach

Many plants given as gifts around the holidays, particularly poinsettias, are poisonous. Holly berries are also poisonous. Let your friends and family know that you cannot accept plants as gifts, since so many are poisonous. If you do receive plants as gifts, keep them on high shelves until you can get rid of them.

Keep Medications Out of Reach

Another common poison that kills pets during the holidays is a medication meant for people. Pets eat anything, including pills.

Ornament Safety

Small Christmas tree ornament hooks can be easily swallowed. Tie ornaments on or dispense with ornaments altogether. Glass ornaments can break, causing cuts.

Talk to Your Guests

If you have friends and family staying over at your place for the holidays, let them know these pet safety tips so they do not accidentally harm your pets.

Get an Emergency Veterinarian

You need an emergency veterinarian that works on the holidays. If your usual veterinarian does not do emergencies, ask for a referral to one that does.

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