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Is Your Home Ready for a New Pet?

Bringing a pet home for the first time is an exciting but equally daunting task for you and your pet. What food will she eat? Will she like me? What about bath time? Indeed, there is a flurry of questions running through your mind when welcoming a new pet. While your pet might be nervous due to the new environment, there are a few steps you can take to make her comfortable. Are you not sure how? Our veterinarians at Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach have some handy advice to ensure your home is ready for a new pet.

Pet-Proof Your Home

You will have to make sure your home is safe before welcoming your new furry friend. Make sure that any medication is out of reach, seal off trash cans, and put away those hazardous objects. Shelve off pet-unfriendly plants and keep unsafe domestic substances out of your pet’s reach. Other steps you can take to keep your home safe include:

  • Keep your toilet seats closed at all times
  • Screen off open fireplaces
  • Close external doors and windows
  • Remove any loose cables that can entangle your pet
  • Remove items like vases that can be knocked over

Give Your Pet Lots of Toys

If you bring a dog into your home, give her numerous chew toys to ensure she isn’t tempted to chew on harmful substances. For cats, balls of yarn and other toys to play with can keep them occupied. Pets, especially young ones, love putting things in their mouths. It is your responsibility to make sure that hazardous substances are kept out of reach of your curious new friend.

Stock up on Pet Supplies

Of course, your pet will need food. Make sure your pet supplies are well-stocked to avoid running out. Be careful you don’t change your pet’s diet too abruptly. Get to know her previous diet and change it gradually, if need be. Be sure to purchase tags, collars, potty bags, and litter boxes before the arrival of your new pet.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Huntington Beach, CA

After welcoming your new pet home, you will want to stop in right away for a veterinary exam and vaccinations. Our veterinarians at Friendly Animal Hospital are here to make sure your new furry friend starts on the right path to a happy and healthy life for years to come. Call our team today at (714) 845-5722 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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