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Puppy and Kitten Care FAQs

There are few things in life as exciting as bringing home a new puppy or kitten. You get to discover the world all over again through their eyes. Our veterinarians at Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach would like to look at the most important puppy and kitten questions that we run into from new pet owners.

When Should I Bring My Puppy or Kitten in for the First Vet Visit?

It’s recommended to bring your puppy or kitten to see a veterinarian within a few days of getting your new pet. It can be difficult for even experienced pet owners to see anything wrong with a young puppy or kitten. A veterinarian can detect if there are any problems.

How Old Do Puppies or Kittens Have to be to Get Their First Shots?

Healthy puppies and kittens can be as young as six weeks old to get their first shots. They will need boosters a few weeks after the first shots. Puppies need to be at least three months old before they get their first rabies shot. Kittens need to be at least eight weeks old.

How Old Do Puppies or Kittens Need to be to Get Spayed or Neutered?

Healthy puppies and kittens can be spayed or neutered when they are eight weeks old.

How Long is it Before a Puppy is Housetrained or a Kitten is Litter Box Trained?

Puppies and kittens each learn at their own rate. Generally, kittens only take a couple of weeks to be litter box trained. Puppies take considerably longer. Ask your veterinarian what a good schedule should be for taking your puppy outside for a potty break. Remember that small animals have small bladders, so accidents may happen until they are a few months old, especially if the pet is very excited or scared.

Will the Eyes Stay Blue?

Although some cats, like Siamese, do have blue eyes, most kittens’ eyes turn color when they are about eight weeks old. Puppies’ eyes change color from nine to twelve weeks old, although some dogs, like huskies, have blue eyes.

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