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How to Treat Fleas at Home for Dogs

Fleas at Home

Fleas can cause a wide range of health issues for your pet, making it essential to protect your animal against them. Since fleas can be a threat to your dog, Friendly Animal Hospital shares tips to consider to keep these pesky parasites away from your pooch.

Why You Should Keep Fleas Away from Your Dog

Flea bites may lead to an allergic reaction in pets, leading to constant itching. If you notice hair loss, scabs, or flea dirt, your pet could have a flea allergic reaction. When your dog bites fleas, they can contract tapeworms, leading to malnutrition and other health issues.

Preventing Fleas at Home

If you notice the presence of fleas, you must take action immediately before the matter gets out of hand. Here are tips and tricks you can consider to keep fleas away from your pet:

  • Bathe your dog: Bathing your dog is the first step to consider. Lukewarm water and specialized soap for dogs are enough to get fleas off your pet’s skin. If you want to consider flea shampoo, contact our veterinarian first to determine if it’s good for your pet since certain shampoos can cause skin dryness.
  • Comb your pet’s hair: Fleas are tiny insects that are difficult to grab. However, using a flea comb (dipped in soapy water) can easily help catch the fleas. The flea comb is also effective in removing flea dirt and eggs.
  • Kill the fleas: Trying to kill the fleas by hand can be difficult. When you have fleas in the comb, dunk it in hot, soapy water to kill them.
  • Medication: When home remedies aren’t enough to fully protect your pet, visit our veterinarian for a professional consultation. Oral, topical, or collar flea treatments are effective options for protecting your dog.

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