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Celebrate Your Pet

tan dog Pet Name: Char

Owner: Cade/ Corena

Dr. Tran and Dr. Medina were wonderful throughout Char's life. In her final days, during her battle with cancer, Dr. Tran and Dr. Medina were incredibly supportive and caring for Char and my wife and I. Friendly Animal Hospital is a blessing.

brown white dog

Pet Name: Oliver

Owner: Jazmin/Erick

Funny story we actually were supposed to adopt his brother but they ended up giving us him instead, who is now known as Oliver. We are glad we got a chance to take him into our lives and wouldn’t want it any other way :) p.s he has brother who's a turtle 🐢

Ricky - blog dog

Pet Name: Ricky

Owner: Jinny

About Ricky: Lucky needed a friend, so we had to find a black little doggie with a tux on for her...Meet Ricky!

tri color dog smiling

Pet Name: Prince Phillip

Owner: Alexandra

Our dog is our family! We are so lucky to have him in our lives. We are so thankful to have a great Vet office to care for him.

Celebrate Your Pet

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