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Comprehensive Vet Care

Comprehensive Vet Care

Providing your dog or cat with comprehensive vet care is an important task. If your pets are ready for an examination, contact Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach to meet with our veterinarian. Here is some information pertaining to the treatment our veterinarian will provide to your pet during a comprehensive examination.

Comprehensive Vet Care

Your Pet Will Be Checked from Head to Tail

Our veterinarian will conduct a full examination of your pets’ body to check for any abnormalities that require intervention. If a problem is located, treatment will be discussed and started promptly. During a comprehensive exam, our vet will take your pets’ vital statistics so that they are kept to compare during subsequent appointments to help identify medical risks. Your dog or cat's stomach will be palpated to check for growths or tumors. Your pets’ teeth, eyes, ears, nose, paws, and nails will all be checked for abnormalities or damage.

Preventative Measures Are Discussed and Taken

It is important to provide your pets with preventative measures to keep them from contracting diseases or other medical difficulties. Our vet will discuss different vaccinations with you so you understand what each one prevents. A timeline for the administration of these important immunizations is provided so appointments can be made as needed. If your pet is not yet spayed or neutered, our veterinarian can provide this service. This is a surgical procedure to not only stop your pet from reproducing, but will also prevent a number of potential diseases related to sexual development. Parasite prevention is usually administered with medication to protect your pet. Microchipping is also available.

Emergency Procedures Are Handled

If an emergency arises, our veterinarian is able to handle it promptly and effectively. It is best to call our practice to alert our staff members if your pet had a traumatic injury so that they are prepared for the arrival of your dog or cat. Our team will advise you on how to care for your pet while in transit to our facility. If your pets are hit by a car, ingest poison, or are unresponsive, bring them to our practice immediately so appropriate treatment can be administered without delay.

We Offer All the Veterinary Care Your Pets Will Ever Need

If your pet requires vet care of any kind, contact Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach to make an appointment. Call our office today at (714) 845-5722 to find out more about the services we offer to our patients or to find out about scheduling availability.

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