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Comprehensive Vet Care

We offer comprehensive vet care for your pet at our Huntington Beach, CA, animal hospital. This can include a comprehensive pet exam, routine checkups, dental checks, vaccinations, heartworm prevention treatment, and much more. A veterinarian on our team at Friendly Animal Hospital is here to help ensure your pets remain happy and healthy by offering a comprehensive list of veterinary care services. 

Comprehensive Vet Care

Comprehensive Vet Care Services

Our hospital that offers provides the services needed to maintain your dog's or cat's overall health and wellness. Comprehensive services include wellness exams, vaccinations, skin care, spay and neuter, and general surgery.

Heartworm Prevention 

Comprehensive services also include recommendations for heartworm prevention and treatment for pets suffering from heartworm. Heartworm can be deadly, especially if not promptly treated by a veterinarian. Seeing your vet can check your pet for signs and symptoms of heartworm and offer heartworm preventative treatment suggestions. 

Preventative Pet Care

Preventative pet care is important to ensuring your pet is happy and healthy. A comprehensive exam includes checking for preventive care items for infections, conditions, and pet dental issues. In addition, preventative care includes ensuring your pet is up-to-date on their vaccinations. 

Acute Veterinary Care

Our veterinarians offer acute veterinary care to help treat pets when something unexpected arises. Acute care can include excessive vomiting or diarrhea, seizures, acute injuries, and other unexpected illnesses. Our comprehensive veterinary team can help treat your pet's acute treatment needs. 

Why Choose a Comprehensive Vet?

Seeing a vet who offers comprehensive pet care services helps ensure your pet receives the best treatment available and only has to visit one animal clinic for all their care needs. Comprehensive care offers a wide range of services and has the resources to provide patients with the services needed to remain happy, healthy, and live longer. 

Comprehensive vets understand the importance of your pet's health and do everything possible to address the root cause of the problem and not just mask the plans. Ultimately, a vet on our team can create a comprehensive treatment plan specific to your pet's needs. 

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If you are a new pet owner or looking to find a new vet in Huntington Beach, CA, we are ready to assist you with your pet care needs. Contact our Friendly Animal Hospital office to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinary care team members. Call us at (714) 845-5722.

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