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The Conditions Treated at Friendly Animal Hospital

Just like people, pets require to have access to healthcare. Pet owners need to have a veterinary hospital that includes both preventative healthcare and acute care issues. The veterinarians at Friendly Animal Hospital are here to make sure everyone in the Huntington Beach area has access to the pet care that their furry friends deserve. There are a variety of conditions that the experts at Friendly Animal Hospital. We want everyone to know we are always available to take care of their loved ones.

An Overview of Conditions Treated at Friendly Animal Hospital

At Friendly Animal Hospital, there are several conditions that we treat regularly. Some of these include:

Acute Injuries: Our veterinarians can treat a variety of acute injuries. Whether this involves muscle sprains, knee pain, broken bones, or other injuries, are vets are ready and willing to take care of the acute injuries that come through our door. We will make sure your pet is well-cared for.

Foreign Body Ingestion: Pets are naturally curious and there is always a chance that an animal might eat a non-food item. These items, depending on their exact nature, can lead to serious problems if not addressed quickly. We will work hard to identify exactly what the item is and assess the chances that something might go wrong. If necessary, we can remove it.

Poisoning: There is also a chance that a pet might ingest something poisonous to them. Think about dogs and chocolate, or cleaning supplies under the sink. We know accidents happen and in an event that it occurs, we will be there for you.

Vomiting and Diarrhea: Pets are just as capable of contracting a viral illness as their human counterparts. If a pet is vomiting or suffering from diarrhea, we will make sure all of the appropriate treatments are administered. We can prevent dehydration and provide antibiotics if necessary.

These are only a few of the many conditions that we can treat at Friendly Animal Hospital. We want to make sure your pets are treated with the same care and compassion they deserve.

Trust the Professional Veterinarian in Huntington Beach

If a pet is sick or injured, they need to be taken care of by the trained professionals with the experience to provide compassionate healthcare. At Friendly Animal Hospital, this is exactly what we do. We are here to provide the citizens of the Huntington Beach area with trained vet care. We place the needs of our pets first and will make sure we are always available for you and your furry friend. To make an appointment, please call us today! We are here to help you.

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