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Ear Infections

Pet Ear Infection Treatment

Pets can suffer from many of the same ailments that we often suffer from. Since pets are susceptible to things like ear infections, it is helpful to know a bit about them and a bit about why our pets might get them.


What is a Pet Ear Infection?

Ear infections in humans are the inflammation and infection of the vitreous fluid behind the eardrum. They can be terribly painful, they can cause swelling, itching, trouble swallowing and eating, and even deafness if the drum is allowed to rupture. The effects on a pet are much the same. Pets that have ear infections might scratch their ears a lot, there may be discharge, there may be whimpering and pain and they may not be able to hear well.

Ear infections in pets can be caused by dirty ears, poor care of the pet, and by an infection in the body. When a pet has an ear infection it is important to take the time to make sure they are comfortable and that you are taking them to the vet to make sure they are getting the attention they need. A vet like those at the Friendly Animal Hospital in the Huntington Beach area can help you to get the care your pet needs.

What happens if you Do Not Treat an Ear Infection?

Much like with a human, if you leave an ear infection untreated it will continue to get worse and worse until the eardrum eventually ruptures. When the drum ruptures, it will bleed and leak pus and the ear will become crusty and even more uncomfortable. More infection can get into the open eardrum and can cause even more trouble. On top of that, when the drum heals back, hearing may not be as good as it was before the eardrum ruptured in the first place.

Pets that have dealt with a ruptured eardrum may have trouble with balance, they may have trouble with shaking their heads, they may not be able to sleep or eat, and they may have trouble with discharge. Pets need your help and if you suspect that your pet has an ear infection you should take them to the doctor. Your veterinarian will work to provide you with the antibiotic drops that are needed to help clear up the infection and put the are drum back to normal.

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Ear infections can come on suddenly and they can cause a great deal of pain and suffering for your pet. Getting an ear infection treated quickly is the best way to be sure your pet is not going to have to suffer the ill effects of an ear infection.  

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