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Emergency Care

When your pet has had a serious injury or has gotten very ill, you may need to bring them in for emergency pet care. A pet emergency should always be checkout out in a pet hospital that offers pet urgent care. If your pet is sick or injured and you fear for their safety, call our Huntington Beach, CA, office to get in to see a veterinarian on our team. We at Friendly Animal Hospital are here to help. 


Bleeding Pets

If your pet has been injured and is bleeding, the first step is to find the injury. Then, place gauze or a clean towel over it and exert pressure to try to get the bleeding to stop. If the wound is big and the pet is bleeding a lot, you might need to visit pet urgent care so that they can be given stitches to stop the blood loss and close the wound. If you find the wound and it has tendons or bones visible, it's likely a pet emergency that requires a veterinarian's care. 

Symptoms of Pain

If your pet isn't acting normally, pay attention to any signs that he is in pain. In a pet emergency that is making things painful for your pet, there may be certain signs you will notice. Your pet may show anxiety or be highly restless. He may refuse food or start breathing too rapidly. He may have a limp, or, in the case of dogs, pant too much and for seemingly no reason. If you notice that your pet has a very fast heartbeat or is drooling a lot, these may be signs of pain as well. 

Signs of a Pet Emergency

There are other signs you may notice that your pet is in an emergency. If your pet is struggling to walk, has unsteady, ragged breath, or their gums are becoming pale or blue, you need to assume that you have a pet emergency that calls for emergency pet care from a vet. There may be other signs such as a pet snapping at you for no reason. Your pet may be having a lot of pain and afraid, and this can be a reflex action in that state. Pet urgent care may be needed in these cases to determine where the pain is coming from and to treat it. 

See a Veterinarian on Our Team

If your pet needs emergency pet care, call our pet hospital in Huntington Beach, CA, for pet urgent care. Your pet likely needs to be examined and may also need treatment from a vet. We at Friendly Animal Hospital are here to help. Call us at (714) 845-5722 for more information.

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