Emergency Pet Care

Not every pet owner has a schedule open enough to accommodate a vet visit at any time. However, there are times when you cannot put off a trip to the animal hospital any longer. At Friendly Animal Hospital, we accommodate Huntington Beach, CA, residents seeking emergency pet care. Partner with us if you’re looking for an emergency vet near you and allow us to handle your pressing pet concerns.

Emergency Pet Care

What Are the Pet Symptoms to Watch for in an Emergency?

You can tell if your pet needs to be taken to an emergency vet near you based on their symptoms. Many signs of a pet emergency are obvious but some you might not recognize without knowing to look for them ahead of time.

Fainting is one indicator that you may need to seek emergency pet care. This could be caused by a number of different conditions- one of which is heatstroke. If your pet has fainted after a long walk in the sunshine, it may be a good idea to see an emergency vet.

Your pet eating a toxic substance might also be a pet emergency. Pets may be able to handle small doses of certain toxic substances without too much of a problem but if your pet ingests a large amount, or he is displaying symptoms, you may want to get him help.

How Should You Handle an Emergency Vet Visit?

First call our team to help us prepare for your arrival. Let us know what happened and seek guidance regarding how to proceed. We can tell you how to handle the transportation without risking any further injury.

You should also bring the item that caused your pet’s injury, if possible. Showing that item to our team might help us develop a treatment plan faster.

Remember to exercise caution while handling your pet during an emergency. Expect your pet to behave differently because of his injury.

Get Emergency Pet Care from an Emergency Vet Near You at Our Animal Hospital

Allow us at Friendly Animal Hospital to handle your pet’s emergency care. Call our veterinary team in Huntington Beach, CA, to get emergency pet care from an emergency vet near you. Call our animal hospital at (714) 845-5722.

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