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Importance of Vaccinations

The Importance of Vaccinations from Friendly Animal Hospital

At Friendly Animal Hospital, we work hard to make sure that every pet in the Huntington Beach area has access to a doctor who will take care of their pets as family members. This includes preventative care like vaccines. We encourage all of our families to bring their pets to see us at least once per year. There are a number of important topics that we are going to address at these visits. One of the most important is vaccinations. There are a few important points that everyone should know when it comes to these very important shots.  


Why Vaccines Matter

We know that there has been a lot of discussion surrounding vaccinations in the news recently. It is important for everyone to know that this debate only exists in the news. There is no debate in the medical community when it comes to vaccinations. They are important for both people and animals. These shots are safe, they are effective, and they work.

First, vaccines protect everyone against deadly diseases. When a pet is given a vaccine against something like rabies, this means that they cannot get rabies. This is a deadly disease that can be totally avoided with a single shot.

Furthermore, these shots are not just important for pets. They are important for people as well. Diseases such as rabies can be passed from animals to people. This can be avoided with shots.

Vaccines are also important because they protect those who cannot get them through something called herd immunity. Some pets are too young or too old to get vaccines. Other pets might not be able to get them due to an immune condition. They depend on others to protect them by getting vaccinated. Invest in the future of people and animals. Make sure that your pet is vaccinated on time, every time. Trust us to help you.

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