Low Cost Pet Vaccinations In Huntington Beach, CA

We provide low cost vaccines everyday by appointment. *We accept walk-ins but appointments and sick pets will be seen first.

For the safety and health of all pets we recommend all pets to have an exam before giving any vaccinations. However, for the convenience of our clients, we only require those pets who have not been seen and deemed healthy in the past year to have an exam. Please understand that our new policy is for the health and safety of every pet. Our exam fee is $38.

Rabies* $8.00
DA2PP $15.00
Corona $15.00
Bordetella $16.00
Lyme $28.00
Lepto $18.00


Strongid (Treatment/prevention of roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms) $20.00
Droncit (Treatment/prevention of tapeworms) $28-$50 (Price dependent on weight of pet)

*(There will be a $2 biohazard waste fee added to each invoice for each pet.)

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