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Ultrasound allows us to visualize the internal anatomy of your pet with a non-invasive approach. Common use of ultrasound can be for congenital heart failure, ascites, pregnancy, and internal tumors to name a few. With that, our veterinarians are able to diagnose medical conditions and overall health more efficiently.
Laser Therapy is a cost effective, surgery free, drug free, non-invasive treatment that is used to reduce pain, inflammation, and speeds healing. Laser therapy can be used for post-surgery, arthritis, wounds, and even dermatitis. Inquire about our discount packages.
Radio surgery allows for precise surgery with minimal bleeding and faster healing. With this it allows for less pain and reduces surgical time. Radio surgery is considered a superior technique and is the step up from well-known laser surgery. We use radio surgery technique as our primary source.
Just like humans, pets have specialized surgeons for their orthopedic needs. We offer specialized orthopedic surgery, by appointment, with our certified surgeon. Take advantage of our low cost, yet high quality, orthopedic services.
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Plaque and tarter build-up does not only lead to bad breath, but also oral disease, and can severally effect the internal organs, such as the kidneys and liver. Dental cleaning aids in the prevention of such disease and should be evaluated annually.
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Digital radiographs produce immediate images that are more detailed with overall better quality. This provides immediate information for a more clear diagnosis.
Other Services includes:
  • In-house lab
  • Wellness Preventative Care
  • IV Support
  • Microchips
  • Emergency Care