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Pet Dental

Maintain Your Pet's Dental Health

You do everything in your power to take care of your pets. You take them outside for exercise. You feed them healthy, nutritious food designed for their specific needs. You maintain their heartworm medication and do everything else they need to live a long, healthy life. However, there may be something you're overlooking: their dental health. Yes, giving them quality foods while making sure they have chew toys can help with removing some stubborn plaque, but these things along don't provide for complete oral health for your pets. Just like human teeth, it is important to clean and maintain your pets' teeth. It can be a challenge to do this at home, which is why bringing your pet into Friendly Animal Hospital for regular teeth cleanings is essential. 


Take Pet Dental Health Seriously

It is easy to forget about brushing your pets' teeth. After all, they don't come in contact with the same kind of sugary foods that we do. Most of your pet's food comes from proteins and grains. Even so, over time, your pets will develop plaque that sticks to their teeth. This can then lead to gum disease and the loss of teeth. Failure to keep up with your pets' dental health may not affect them now, but it will later on in their lives. That is why you need to regularly take your pets into a local veterinarian for proper teeth cleanings. This will keep them both happy and healthy. 

Do What You Can at Home

It is important to do what you can at home. This begins by giving them chew toys that help clean their teeth. Bones and other toys are great for ridding pets of excess plaque while also activating their gums. You should also brush their teeth. It will take some time for your pets to become accustomed to this, but brushing their teeth will go a long way in improving their dental health. And, just like you, it is important to have their teeth regularly cleaned. When living in Huntington Beach, the Friendly Animal Hospital has a veterinarian that can help. 

Make an Appointment Today

It is important to take care of your pets' teeth. Trying to brush your pets' teeth isn't always easy, and even the best, calmest pets will take some time getting used to this experience. To help remove plaque and to leave your pet's teeth feeling fresh and clean, it is important to have their teeth routinely cleaned professionally. This way, an experienced vet can also look over their gums as well. Many health issues can be identified earlier through a dental inspection, which will help your pets avoid health problems later on. If you live in Huntington Beach, now is the time to make an appointment with Friendly Animal Hospital. Give us a call at 714-784-0680 to make an appointment.

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