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Pet Ear Care

Friendly Animal Hospital Discusses Pet Ear Care

Good grooming for your pet should also include regular care of the ears. Animal’s ears can develop a number of problems that can be avoided by periodic cleaning of the ear exterior and examination of the interior. At Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA, we can help with common pet ear problems.

Canine Ear Care

How frequently pet owners should clean their dog’s ears depends on how much time the animal spends outdoors. In addition, breeds with long ears often require more frequent cleaning, because air cannot circulate into the ear canal. A number of ear cleaning solutions are available for pets. Place a few drops of the solution into the ear and massage the ear gently for a few seconds. Your pet will then attempt to remove the excess fluid by shaking its head. Wrap a bit of cotton or gauze around the tip of your finger and gently wipe the ear exterior. Never use Q-tips in your pet’s ears, which can push debris further into the ear or injure the eardrum.

Feline Ear Care

Some cats never need their ears cleaned, but others may develop ear mites or infections on a regular basis. Give your cat a monthly inspection to check for any ear problems. If cleaning is indicated, use an approved ear cleaning solution for pets. Wrap your cat in a towel to calm it and prevent scratching. Place a few drops of solution into the ear and gently clean the outer ear with a piece of cotton or gauze. Do not use Q-tips or push into the ear too far, which can cause injury.

Common Ear Problems

When cleaning your pet's ears, you may notice an accumulation of a black, waxy substance, odor or blistering in the ears. Your pet may scratch at the ears constantly or may tilt its head at an angle. These may be signs of ear mites or pet ear infections. Make an appointment with your Huntington Beach vet for an examination and possible treatment. Your vet can carefully wash out the ears and provide medication to treat the problem.

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