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Services Offered From our Huntington Beach Veterinarian

Throughout pets’ lives, they may require a number of different veterinary services. In the early years, vaccination is especially important. During the adult years, preventive care can extend your pet’s life. And in the senior years, your pet may need special attention to health. At Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA offers a broad range of services for pet health.

Veterinarian with a dog Vaccinations

We can provide the important vaccinations your dog needs, against rabies, distemper, parvovirus and canine hepatitis. For cats, we offer rabies vaccination, feline virus vaccines, panleukopenia vaccines and vaccination against viral rhinotracheitis. Your Huntington Beach vet can advise you on other vaccines, if exposure to other types of diseases is a concern in your area.

Preventive Care

Flea & tick control can prevent troublesome flea problems and can protect your vet from diseases carried by ticks. We can also provide heartworm protection, so your pet can avoid the illness and expense cause by this pest that is carried by mosquitoes.

Spay & Neuter Surgery

Spaying and neutering are important ways to safeguard the health of your pet and avoid unwanted litters of kittens or puppies. We can provide safe and affordable spay and neuter surgery for your pet.

Orthopedic Care

Congenital problems, accidents and aging can cause orthopedic problems that can lead to pain and problems with normal mobility. Your veterinarian in Huntington Beach can provide diagnosis and surgery for a variety of orthopedic issues that occur in pets.

Dental Care

Your pet needs good dental care just as you do. Your vet will carefully examine your pet’s teeth during exams and will recommend cleaning and daily care with products approved for pets.


Determining the source of health problems is a critical part of veterinary care for pets. We provide lab work, x-rays and ultrasound testing to detect the cause of your pet’s health issue, so treatment can begin quickly.


At Friendly Animal Hospital, we also provide grooming to keep your pet’s skin healthy and to provide attractive coat care. If you have trouble managing baths and grooming tasks, we can help

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Dr. Tran, Dr. Medina and Dr. Kohltfarber combine their extensive knowledge of veterinary medicine to provide superior care for their patients in Huntington Beach and surrounding communities. With a broad range of services and individualized attention, we can ensure your pet’s health at all stages of life. Call Friendly Animal Hospital today at (714) 845-5722 for an appointment to learn about the many services we offer to keep your cat or dog healthy and active. 

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